Study in USA

Why Study in USA ?

Academic Excellence

The United States has one of the world's finest university systems, with outstanding programs in virtually all fields. At the graduate level, excellent programs exist in traditional disciplines, as well as in professional fields.
The most popular programs among Indian students seeking higher education opportunities in The USA are Business Management, Engineering, Math & Computer Sciences, Social Sciences, Physical & Life Sciences, Business Analytics & Data Science, Healthcare and Nursing.

Quality Education

The education system in USA is considered the most superior system in the world. This is because they offer a rich and wide range of choices for international students. The most enticing attribute of the US education system is its versatility.

Short Duration Of Courses

USA offers a dynamic and flexible education system that caters to a range of international student needs, including short-duration courses that pack a punch in terms of skill enhancement and career advancement. For instance, the two-year Master's programs, particularly those in the STEM fields, are designed to provide intensive, specialized training that equips students with the skills needed to thrive in today's fast-paced industries. These programs are not only cost-effective but also align with the latest industry standards and technological advancements, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for the job market.

Work While Learning

Students can work while studying in the USA. Many universities and colleges offer part-time job opportunities on campus, and students can also seek off-campus employment. However, international students may be subject to specific visa regulations regarding employment.

Explore America During Studies

The U.S. boasts a wide variety of tourist destinations ranging from the skyscrapers and bright lights of New York City, to the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon and Alaska to the sunny beaches of California, Florida and Hawaii. Whether you like to explore the major cities or hit the road and visit some of nature’s incredible wonders, there are plenty of things to do in the U.S .while you’re studying.

Health Benefits For Students

Students are typically required to have health insurance coverage while enrolled in college or university. Many schools offer health insurance plans to students, and some require it as a condition of enrollment. These plans can vary in cost and coverage and may have deductibles and copays. Additionally, students can access healthcare through on-campus health clinics, local hospitals, and clinics, or through their own personal insurance providers. The specific details of the healthcare system for students can vary depending on the school and location..

Student Visa USA

Facts about study in The USA ?

   Most American institutions accept the 10+2+3 system for master’s programs, but it varies from university to university.

   Not all universities or colleges offer programs in all three intakes. It’s important to check the specific intakes for your preferred courses.

All students with an F1 visa are allowed to work 20 hours per week during the academic term and full-time during vacations.

Yes, degrees from US institutions are accepted worldwide and known for their quality of education.

   Students can choose from on-campus dormitories, off-campus apartments, homestays, or private rentals.

  • This depends on your interests, academic background, and budget. Reflect on your skills and research which courses or subjects have good professional scope in the future and search for relevant courses and institutions.

  • After being accepted by a SEVP-approved school, you’ll need to pay the SEVIS fee, complete the DS-160 form, schedule and attend a visa interview, and show proof of financial support.

  • Select a university that gives you hands-on experience and practical knowledge, also consider the diversity of students and networking opportunities with students from various countries around the world, they offer.