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UK is well known for its world-renowned education system, and since many centuries it has been leading the way in education. UK has world class universities and holds the reputation for having world's top universities located here. Most of the employers from around the world prefer employees who graduate from UK Universities as the courses here encourage qualities such as creativity and independence.

World's oldest and best universities and schools are located in the UK which includes world renowned institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, the University of Bristol, Cardiff University, London School of Economics, London Business School, the University of Nottingham, the University of Glasgow, the University of Manchester, Essex University, the University of Exeter, and the University of Strathclyd Etc.

UK leads the world, academically. Best quality standards are followed by the universities in UK. Most of these Universities are ranked between one and five by the British government. International students are allowed to work part time during the course term i.e. up to 20-hours a week, and for unlimited hours during vacations without applying for work permit.

Studying in UK comes with many benefits such as an opportunity to choose from a wide array of courses in every stream. Students applying from a different educational system are offered pre-degree foundation course to help them cope with the course they choose in UK Universities. UK a very interesting place to visit for studies as it is a Financial and Tourist hub and they get to study in a multicultural society. UK provides scholarships for international students. The majority are provided for post-graduate studies. There are many options available to students these days interested to pursue their higher studies in UK.

UK is known for its world-renowned education system, and since many centuries it has been leading the way in education. UK has world class universities and holds the reputation for having world's top universities located here. Studying in UK opens the door to a lifetime of experience in encountering an ancient culture, language, people and environment. It is a highly motivating affair from a student's life and career point of view.

UK provides a broad educational foundation for students planning a professional career in UK. With a program core of intense language study and cultural immersion, combined with courses covering subjects from culture and Business management to history to politics and economics, students can gain a wider, fuller, first-hand knowledge. There are manifold options available to students these days interested to pursue higher studies in UK. United Kingdom (UK) is divided into four parts: England, Scotland and Wales – sometimes collectively called Great Britain – and the province of Northern Ireland. Of the 116 universities and colleges :

  • 91 are in England
  • 14 are in Scotland
  • 9 are in Wales
  • 2 are in Northern Ireland

The most popular programs among Indian students are MBA, MA International Business Management, MSc Telecommunication Engineering, MSc Computer Network and Security, MA Human Resource Management, and BA Business Management.

There is a continuous rise in Indian students applying for UK for higher studies. According to a survey there is a 20% hike in 2013 compared to 2012 in students applying from India, which stands the third highest after Malaysia and Italy with an increased record of 25% and 22% respectively. The number of Indian students applying to UK was 2188 in 2012 and it has now increased to 2610 in 2013. The scope of increase in the number of applicants is high as the due date is till 30th of June.

According to UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions Services) the number of the number of students coming from outside European Union has increased each year. In comparison to 2012-2013 the number of students who come to UK for higher studies has risen by 9.6%. The increase in numbers in different countries is as follows, in 2013 (Increased Over 2012) India 2601 (20% Hike) China 6,903 (9.9% increase over 2012) Irish 5,452 (0.3% increase) Hong Kong 5,046 from (1% increase) Singapore 3,457 (6.8% increase) French 3,382 (6.2% increase) Malaysia 3,233 n (24.8% increase over 2012) Germany 2,753 (a fall of 6.5%). From the above figures we can deduce that there is a big increase in the numbers of students applying from India.

Universities and Colleges in London 45 universities, colleges and schools in London are amongst the best and most prestigious ones in the UK for international students. Entry preliminaries for UK undergraduate study

The qualification a student needs depends on the course he/she wants to pursue. A student has to complete 13 years of education in native country or in the UK, and have taken pre-university qualifications equivalent to UK A-levels, Scottish Higher or National Diplomas.

There is absolutely no need to fret if a student doesn't have these qualifications – one can still aim for undergraduate study in the UK but they may require a preparatory course first.

Improving your English language skills
If one wants to opt for further or higher education level in the UK (i.e. at a university or college) they need to demonstrate English language skills before they can be accepted onto a course or gain a visa.

One needs to submit proof stating they have reached required standard by setting a test, or have to submit English language qualification certificate. Tuition Fees for International Students

Though studying in UK for an undergraduate degree at one of the top universities will be a worthwhile experience it can also prove to be an expensive one.

  • Indian students normally residing in countries outside the EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) have to pay near-full-cost tuition fees in all of the UK universities. Students from outside the EU are not eligible for the loans and grants available to UK and EU students
  • Many international students from outside the EU receive financial support from their native countries.
  • UK provides scholarships for international students. The vast majority are provided for post-graduate studies, although there are one or two schemes for which undergraduates can be considered in exceptional circumstances

Therefore, Indian Students should make sure they have sufficient funds for the full tuition fees and all necessary living costs before leaving home.

  • Indian students are generally asked to guarantee in writing that they have sufficient funds for the complete duration of their course.
  • It is virtually impossible to arrange financial support after leaving home.
  • UK is the second most popular destination after US for students from India. More than 350,000 international students enroll each year in to UK universities, more than 20 per cent of the world's share.
  • Indian students considering the UK have a choice to choose from over 140 universities and higher education institutions, each offering a great range of tertiary qualifications that will be recognized the world over.
  • The factors to take into account in reaching a decision go beyond a choice of university and degree course.
  • Tuition fees vary between institutions and Indian students have to be aware of visa requirements and work permit restrictions.
  • Information regarding the application process is very important
  • Before moving to UK details regarding daily expenses, accommodation and all have to be taken into account.

So, friends, get set for the best of all your lifetime experiences and get in touch with us to have your "study abroad"dream fulfilled.

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